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Astoria Coffee Machines

Astoria Coffee Machines for your Cafe or Coffee Shop Business   Technical....

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Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Take free quote and buy fully automatic coffee machine

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Imported Coffee Machines

Take a free quote and buy imported coffee machine in India

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Espresso Cappuccino Machine

There are several brands for Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Machines, Take a free quote to know....

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Cafe Coffee Grinders

There are different brands and multiple brands for coffee ginding solutions, Take a free quote to....

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Commercial Coffee Grinders

High capacity coffee grinders are suitable for large scale coffee beans....

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Automatic Tea Coffee Maker

Fully automatic tea and filter coffee machine is suitable for all types of cafes and hotels.

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Hot Beverage Vending Machine

Hot beverage vending machine is a multi tasking equipment which can make tea, coffee, milk,....

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Tea Coffee Maker

There are different brands of tea coffee maker suitable for your requirement.

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Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece Machine....

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Expobar Coffee Machine

Make best quality coffee at your cafe or restaurant with different variants from Expobar Coffee....

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Astoria Tanya 01 SAE

Model no.  ASTORIA Tanya 01/SAE  MADE IN ITALY Product Description  Coffee....

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Astoria Tanya 02 SAE

Model no. ASTORIA Tanya 02/SAE MADE IN ITALY Product Description Coffee machine –....

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Astoria Avant 01 SAE

Model no. ASTORIA Avant 01/SAE MADE IN ITALY Product description Coffee machine –....

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Avant 02 SAE

Model no. Avant 02/SAE MADE IN ITALY Product description Coffee machine – Semi....

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Astoria Greta 01 SAE

Model no. Astoria Greta 01 SAE MADE IN ITALY Product description Coffee machine –....

Coffee Machines

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines for Cafe

Coffee connoisseurs constantly look for a cafe or restaurant not just to hang out but to sip that perfect cup of joy called Coffee. If coffee lovers are looking for a perfect cup of coffee then you must be looking for the perfect machine to serve them too.

We have an amazing range of coffee machines suitable for different size and scale of your cafe business. To start the conversation you can request a free quote or WhatsApp us on any of the above contact numbers. 


How to select a reliable coffee machine?

You need to first make a list of your budget items and the investment required for your café business. There are several coffee machine brands that you can rely on for output and performance. You must go with reputed brands who can give proper after-sales support.


Which are the factors to consider while buying a coffee machine?

  1. Quantity: You must first be clear about the size of your operation, based on it you can judge how many cups per day are served at your café. The price of machines can vary based on the number of cups it can dispense per day.
  2. Menu: Get a list of coffees served at your café. There are machines matching your requirement. Buy a machine that can prepare your coffee with consistent quality.
  3. Cost: One of the crucial factors that can decide your purchase is the cost you have allotted in your overall budget. If you are going to make a variety of coffee for the menu you need a professional machine.
  4. Counter Space: Some commercial coffee machines can take much counter space. Some could be smaller yet deliver results that you are expecting. Always get an expert from HotelTotal to take all the important details before you purchase with us.
  5. Extra Features: There are other extra features to consider like programmable setting, built-in grinder, auto shutoff, multiple warmers, water filter, steamer/frother.

Please note: Connect with us to get more accurate information for your requirement.


What can be made with Espresso Coffee Machine?

These are the types of coffee that can be prepared with an Espresso coffee machine.

  • Espresso Shot
  • Macchiato
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Mocha


Types of Espresso Coffee Machines Suitable for Cafes

Manual Espresso Coffee Machines

This machine can demand some extra work but it's worth the effort in getting that perfect shot. You can have great control over the equipment and also can look nice on your countertop.

Semi-automatic coffee machines

These machines consist of an electric pump. They are the most popular type of coffee machine in the market presently. These machines can make high quality and tasty espresso. These models can be expensive compared to other types of coffee machines.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

These machines have automated systems to deliver water along with the electronic pumps. These machines are easy to use compared to Semi-Automatic models but can take one more piece of control out of your hands. If you are particular about espresso to be made it's best to go for Semi-Automatic machines.

Durability and Customer Service for Coffee Machines

There are multiple brands available for you to choose at HotelTotal. We have shortlisted only the best manufacturers with professional after-sales support. Most of the equipment lasts for a long time and you need not have to contact the manufacturer for the parts. The service team is available from our dealers/suppliers/manufacturers which can attend quickly at your café.

We are more than happy to discuss your dream cafe project or to make your existing business smarter with our solutions and equipment. Schedule an appointment with our experts by simply filling out the online form on this page or by dropping a whatsapp message. 

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