Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Ideas

Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Ideas

If you are looking to open a cloud kitchen that can deliver to apps and online website we have a fantastic model for you. Easy to plan with Hotel Total Solutions.

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Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Ideas

Accept online orders centrally, reduce your costs, and increase profits.  That’s the core theme of operating a successful cloud kitchen in India. What is a cloud Kitchen? A fully equipment restaurant kitchen without seating or take away counters. With the advent of online ordering apps where your customer reach is broad based, you can rely on cloud kitchen for your success. Not just QSRs but age old popular restaurants have ventured into opening cloud kitchens in major cities of India. The advantage here is low start-up cost and high operational efficiency.


Is it viable?

It’s easy to open a cloud kitchen serving online delivery app orders.  Business is complex when you have to consider the viability. But cloud kitchens are proven models and study shows at least 65% of existing restaurants are planning to open cloud kitchen as their next outlet over a dine-in model. Your staffing is lesser compared to dine-in, you don’t have to face customers or serve them like dine-in set up.



You can save hugely on infrastructure investment compared to maintaining a full-fledged restaurant. Real estate prices in certain locations could be very high. So for a cloud kitchen location doesn’t matter. You can look for places from where you can comfortably deliver to online orders and the rentals are low cost. Affordability is the positive point when it comes to cloud kitchen infrastructure. You can invest more on buying right equipment to have better quality control your food.



Flexible Menu:

A chef with enthusiasm to try and test new menu will love a cloud kitchen. Your dependency on single menu is irrelevant here. You can add or delete an item that you think is right for the season or demand in the market. At a traditional set up it could be difficult to quickly adapt for any changes in the menu.


Higher Margins:

You can earn high margins even by keeping your pricing competitively. Brick and mortar restaurant will have more demands for spending on staffing, maintenance, housekeeping, security, wallet parking… compared to a cloud kitchen. So you can fully focus on investing and developing your menu to cater better options for your customers.


Business Expansion:

You might have started or planning to start your cloud kitchen small in the beginning. If you are successful enough to grow your market base then you have to expand to other locations to cut down on delivery charges for your order. While you are confident that your business is accepted by food lovers then you must expand without any delay. Otherwise your menu can be replicated with few tweaks by your competitor at a different location. Act quickly in the expansion direction when your heart says to go for it.


What is the best model?

Cloud kitchens have been highly innovative in the industry. The digital market is growing rapidly in India. You need to get online, get educated with some basics if you are yet to learn the art. If you are a master already then you have a lot of free tools for marketing on social media. First you choose a cuisine or multiple cuisine which you can handle. Get experts from Hotel Total Solutions for more inputs on planning and designs. Choose right equipment to go with to expect quality output. All these might look simple but when you get into working you might get confused. Hotel Total team has tried to simplify this task by offering you free consultation and live demo services. Speak to our experts or write an email to us to fix your appointments.  


Food and Cuisine:

Customers of today are more conscious about their diet. They simply want to eat healthy and tasty food. It’s like they want to eat smart without comprising on their temptations of the taste buds. You menu should be smart enough to attract a broad base of customers. Choose your cuisines wisely, try to also add regional cuisines mixed with other unique dishes.


Your own website:

You need to have your own dedicated website also along with other food delivery apps. You cannot ignore the fact that some customers are still comfortable talking directly and ordering their food. Why lose out on that chunk of revenue without having your own website which may not cost much. Investing in your website is like long term digital promotion.


POS & Order Management:

Since it’s a cloud kitchen it has to be fast and automated with right optimisations. Your life will be much easier when your kitchen is running on cloud-tech and restaurant POS. Order management system is another important tool you should have for faster processing at your cloud kitchen.

Hotel Total Solutions have excellent experts who can assist in fine tuning all your requirement.

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