Restaurant Business Ideas

Restaurant Business Ideas

You can plan a successful restaurant business with Hotel Total Solutions. We have designed services to deliver different types of business models available in restaurant segment.

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There are different types of restaurant businesses in India. Today's customer is open to new food menus, cuisine, food style… However, it’s crucial for you to do thorough research before you venture into this business. The Hotel Total team with its little experience in the industry has tried to provide as much information as possible. Each restaurant concept can be unique hence it’s advisable that you speak to our experts for a depth understanding of different concepts.

You need to first find answers to these questions as basic planning steps. Who is your target audience? What is your budget? Is it formal or casual? Do you have a special food menu to build your brand? Is it in a partnership or sole proprietorship? Self-funded, investors’ fund, or bank loan? Is it a standalone or a chain of hotels? Besides knowing the answers to these common questions you need to do other important things as well. We have tried to summarise a few points for your reference only. In detail hotel concepts, ideas, and planning can be customized by us as per your requirement.

How to select a concept and theme for your restaurant:

Selecting concepts and themes for your restaurant can be a complicated task. We speak to a lot of seasoned and budding hoteliers from different locations. As per their inputs, we notice that deciding on one concept can be a tricky job.

Identify the style of food:

Chefs spend their entire lifetime fine-tuning their style of food. It’s not easy but it has to be attempted with professionalism. Select the food style that you feel can attract your customers.

What’s unique?

There could be several restaurants in your city. How can stand out from the rest? Find something unique that can be the theme of your restaurants. This can drive more customers who come excited about your food.

Who are your customers?

This is a crucial part of your restaurant business planning. You may not be able to fully assess the tastes and preferences of your target audience. But you should know the community of the area and what’s the demand for food. Analyze what your competition is doing to run a successful business in that area. Get your product right for your prospective customers.

Menu Design:

The menu is like your doorway to a successful restaurant. It should be aesthetically, and legibly comfortable to customers as well tempt their taste buds. Pricing should be competitive without losing your profit margin compared to the ingredients that go into its making.

Serving style.

Once your menu is finalized then pretty much your dishes themselves will set the tone for the serving style. You will get to know whether it’s a family-style, fine-dining or self-service restaurant. The environment with interior designs can be built around this concept.



Coming to the kitchen designs, layout, and planning you need to hire professionals to avoid common mistakes. It might be expensive to fix later the errors that mess up with your operations. The success of a restaurant can start from your kitchen. Hotel Total Solutions has been striving for several years working ‘only’ with professionals to enable hoteliers to plan, design, execute, buy, and install equipment, service equipment, train chefs to use equipment… More than that your restaurant kitchen based on the size of the area is designed to deliver efficiently with apt appliances and machinery. It's hassle-free to hire our experts or access our services. We help you visit test kitchens where you can actually see how a restaurant kitchen operation can run. Then only you choose our equipment to start your successful restaurant kitchen.

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