Avant 02 SAE

Avant 02 SAE

Avant 02 SAE is a most effecient 2 group coffee machine available India suitable for cafes and hotels. You can expect best coffee from the machine to serve your customers.

Product Details

Model no.
Avant 02/SAE


Product description
Coffee machine – Semi automatic

Dimension Electrical Capacity Equipped with
Width: 770 mm Voltage: 230 V Boiler 10.5 L with 2 group head
Height: 540 mm Freq.: 50/60 Hz with one hot water outlet
Depth: 560 mm Power: 3.6 kW with two steam wand
Weight: 83 kg Amps: 15 amps

Standard Features

  • Volumetric dosing ( single or double shot)
  • Automatic water refills (A. W. R.)
  • Internal motor pump
  • Water softener

Technical features

  • The model is available from 1 to 3 groups in the semi automatic and electronic version.
  • Body with panels in stainless steel and in painted steel.
  • Boiler and pipes made in copper.
  • Double gauges for boiler and pump pressure control.
  • Pilot light indicating the water level in the boiler

Available colours

  1. Brilliant white/Stainless steel
  2. Glossy black/Stainless steel
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