Darshini Restaurant Ideas

Darshini Restaurant Ideas

Darshini hotel business is unique and rewarding. You need to consider several things to make it a successful model. Hotel Total has business model designed for you to plug and play.

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Darishini Hotel Ideas and Service Tips


Darshinis is a popular hotel segment in India where you are served South Indian vegetarian food. They serve South Indian breakfasts and meals in urban areas. Steel plates are used to serve food on stainless steel tables. Most of the tables in Darshinis are placed as tall tables for people to stand and eat quickly. You can serve more customers as they finish their meals or breakfast quickly and leave for their other tasks. As opposed to fine dining where people might occupy the seats for a longer duration and have a more relaxed meal. Darshinis also offer to seat for customers to sit and have food. It's a combination of both standing and seating type of tables.

All darshinis use pay-first-eat-later similar to fast-food restaurants. If you are located in an area where there will be rush hour crowd then it will be a win-win scenario for both you and the customers. Customers want to grab a quick meal and finish. For you the number of orders will increase as the tables get vacated quickly. The emphasis is more on serving food quickly and cheaply.



Compared to another type of restaurants, Darshinis have to very specific in choosing a location. You cannot have Darshinis in interior places of an area. It has to be in the main road with ample visibility for customers. If it’s a rush-hour crowded places then the advantage of earning more revenue will be more.



Darshini hotels use stainless steel fabricated equipment a lot. Some also use high-end equipment for better productivity and consistency in taste. The fabricated equipment can be shortlisted as per your requirement by speaking to experts at Hotel Total. We can help you design a Darshini kitchen as per the size of your operation and the menu you are planning to offer. The menu you are planning can determine the cost of your equipment. Speak to experts and get their input before buying something unwanted for your Darshini Kitchen.


What you should know?

  • Choose the location of the Darshini
  • Get all the licenses required to make your Darshini legal
  • Get on board the required number of staff
  • Arrange for the kitchen equipment and the raw materials needed
  • Market your Darshini well
  • Install a POS or billing software to have a hassle-free experience
  • Decide on the staff uniform – Your customers love to see you as a professional



Darshini hotels are a different ballgame compared to any other type of operation. You need to have the right staffing in place to meet the demands that arise on a daily basis. Ex: housekeeping team has to be fast. As you cannot afford to have customers waiting in queue for the tables to clean. If you find quick people, hire them, reward them and keep them with you. They are crucial for the success of your business. The same applies to your helpers, chef… in the kitchen. Buy a dishwasher at your Darshini if you find manual work is delaying your service experience to customers.



Darshini has the scope of playing around with the menu. You can be creative in adding other dishes along with traditional South Indian varieties. Juices, hot and cold beverages, fruit bowls can impress your customers. The menu has to be displayed on the wall near the billing counter. As your customers want to see quickly and order what is the special item for the day. Regular customers anyway know your specialties. The printed menu should also be there near the billing counter. Some need time to dwell on the details and then decide their meal.

It’s a dynamic business concept and you are free to add more ideas to it. If you are looking to plan a Darshini hotel business then you must speak to our experts who can help you organize your planner in a better way.



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