How to plan a successful hotel or cafe business in India

The hotel industry is booming with new restaurants and cafes coming up in every corner of the cities, suburbs, and even rural areas on highways. Many hotels establish themselves as successful ones and many shut shop after a few months due to several factors. What are the key things to learn and learn efficiently from knowing facts about the hotel and cafe business?

There is no single magic wand to swing and get a hotel or cafe business to run smoothly. You must do your own research before getting into this industry. We at Hotel Total have been working with several industry leaders and learning continuously in different key areas. We have tried to list some of the points that you could refer to and might like to add to your own research list.

You might have already listed these things and you can consider this a different perspective for reference. The points mentioned below are relevant for both cafe and restaurant businesses in India and some of them could be very basic but can not be ignored.

Adequate Funds in Reserve

A new restaurant or cafe owner must be aware of the fact that it requires at least 9 to 10 months or a year to break even. You have to keep sufficient funds in reserve to sustain and survive this break-even period. Many start-up hotels lose their pace and finally shut down because of not planning financials from the drawing board stage. Your capital expenses should be kept under control to keep reserve funds during slow sales periods.

Hire a chef matching your wavelength

You as an owner might be having several plans about running your dream cafe or hotel business, but a great chef can help you mold it better. Some of the things you thought is necessary might be rejected by the chef as an unwanted investment. You might be knowing all information about the equipment required for the commercial kitchen. A great chef will pick and choose the right equipment matching your food menu card.

Get a unique menu card

The menu card placed on the hotel or cafe table should speak to itself as the dream kitchen running behind the scene. You need to get a unique menu card for your hotel cafe which should clearly describe the dishes and drinks served at your place. Use a mix of images and text to make your customers comfortably go through your menu along with the price.

A memorable logo for your business

Once you are decided on the name of your business it is advisable you get a memorable logo done to it. People easily remember logos that are easy to read and unique in design. You can hire professionals to do your logo or there are several online portals where you can design on your own. You can use the logo for branding your cutlery and linen, napkins/tissues, or tablecloths at the hotel.

A dedicated website

The world has moved online these days and you must have a professional website done for your business. If you are not having a web presence means you are losing out hundreds of new customers daily. You must present the information about your business very clearly on your website with contact information. If you want to take feedback on your website then you must include sections where your customers help you grow by fixing any existing issues at your business.

Social Media Presence

It is not sufficient to have a website and assume that people will visit your website. You must have proper social media channels to reach out to new customers. You can list yourself on google maps, twitter, facebook, and Instagram accounts which get updated regularly with updates about your business. Social media can drive potential customers to your business on a regular basis.

Pick the right location

You must be aware of the fact that the right location for your hotel can be a blessing in disguise. You must do your own research spending time at the location and learning from nearby shops or establishments about the footfall. It is not about the real estate value of the place that matters but the real count of the daily footfall at the location. You can hire professionals to do the research and submit a report to you about the popularity of the place.

Licenses and Agreements

The very important step in your entire planner is the legalities covered. You must do due diligence about all the legal papers involved in setting up your hotel or cafe business. You can hire a professional to do all the required documents to run your business. You should also do some research on your own about the laws and rules in the area where you are setting up the business.

Market your business strategically

You must be smart in investing in marketing channels. You can not assume that only one format in marketing will work for your hotel. You have to spend on your customers as well by offering them good discounts on more purchases. You have to offer the best discounts on your menu on selected days in a week. By doing so you will get new customers as well as retain old ones too. Social media marketing is also very good and you should list your business on delivery apps to broad base your customers.

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