How to sell on Hotel Total?

Its simple to register with marketplace and reach to hundreds of hospitality businesses from your area who are currently looking for your products. The online registering process is made hassle free with only a few steps. Once on-boarding is completed you can start listing your amazing products to showcase to our website visitors who are always from relevant industry. Whether you want to sell little or lot or wholesale is your choice. All you need is to get our merchant dashboard to start listing products.

Follow these simple steps and register your business with us:

Register your seller Account Online: All you need to furnish after filling our simple online form is your tax information, GST, PAN, Active Bank Account Details. Once registered successfully you will receive the Merchant Portal Dashboard to start listing your products.

Create your product listing online: Once you are given access to your Merchant Portal Dashboard (hereafter called MPD) you should create your product listings. If you need support for listing your product we will be always ready to help you. Contact or Whatsapp with your Seller name to our numbers.

Customers will start buying your products: Once your products are live for buying with sufficient stock numbers customers will be able to place an order by paying for the product. Once a product receives order you will be updated by email as given during your seller registration. Also Hotel Total will notify to you on your dashboard.

Ship your product to the customer: Once the order is received you can start packaging the product and ship with your carrier to the customer address. You can update the shipping information on your dashboard once shipped to start receiving your payments.

Receive your payment: Hotel Total will initiate your payment less the agreed fees for your order immediately after the shipping is completed. You will safely receive it in your bank account withing 48 Hours during Bank working days.