Hotel industry should prepare for the future of hospitality standards

31st May 2020 Off By admin

The future of hospitality will be a new place for both service providers and the guests. It will be inevitable for hotels, homestays and resorts in Karnataka to prepare for the future of travel industry. While you start upgrading your services to the ‘new normal’ we request you to tweak your service philosophy also with much more stringent supervisions. In future both host and guests of hospitality sector need to feel safe & comfortable. It will be your adaptability skills that prove as a win-win situation for all stake holders.

We all agree that the summer season bookings are gone forever of 2020. So we will be looking for monsoon and winter seasons in states like Karnataka. Since we are aware of the fact that cold climate is going to set in, we have to be double sure about sanitizing all places where you find your guests spend most of their time. The virus has not just changed how we look at holidaying but also brought in a lot of self-awareness for our guests about what expect from their host.

The demand for most hygienic places of holidaying will get more popular among tourists. The challenge is what to do and what not to do which can impress or irritate your guests. To have a clear understanding between management & staff you must have a detailed grooming & training done by professionals like Hotel Total Solutions or similar consulting companies.

Renowned hotel chains have already begun implementing a lot of changes in their service style & atmosphere. You would be surprised that lot of these up-gradation to your service is going to be there beyond your imaginary time frame. One of the popular hotel chain was of the opinion that domestic traveller count will improve in coming days and months. However, we all must be aware of the fact that there should not be any room for any error when it comes to the hygiene standards at all times in your premises.