A profitable hospitality business can be achieved with smart solutions

25th October 2019 0 By admin

Hospitality business is one of the major industries that depends on quality & consistency of services offered. To achieve best results in these departments you need a fool proof set up. Hotel Total is a combination of expert teams and efficient technology to plan a professional hospitality and hotel business. You can save a lot of time and money by subscribing to our services. We know the pulse of this industry after working with several well established brands. We bring our learning with different perspectives to you and get you an insight of planning your business more efficiently.

Hotel Total Solutions offers a wide range of solutions and services for hotel, café, catering, baking and resorts industry. Starting from planning to installation of kitchen equipment for your hotel our experts will co-ordinate with you. You can organise free live demo of equipment before ordering them with us. Get your team, test your products, cook with our chefs to have a better understanding as to how the equipment will be helpful in daily operations. Remember, a smart kitchen can assist not just for operational efficiency but to save a lot on fuel and raw material.

You can be planning for a small kitchen or a huge one, we have different models of equipment suiting your requirement. We need your valuable time to sit with you for a detailed discussion before starting the drawing or recommendations. We can assist you for your future scaling up of operations or any renovation works as well. Lot of our clients have constantly upgraded their kitchens or their operations adding more equipment & solutions from our list. We will be glad to be part of your dream hospitality project. Contact us or just fill simple online forms at hoteltotal.in