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Baking tools and equipment are designed, manufactured by several companies. You would be overwhelmed with the options available in the market. If you are looking for the right solution fitting your business plan and budget you can shop at Hotel Total. We help you get the best solution at the lowest price with the best after-sales service. 


Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQS):

What are the types of baking business?

There are several types of baking businesses in India. Some of them are Online, Counter Service, Specialty Service, Sit Down, and Home-Based.


How to start a business plan for baking?

Writing a business plan helps you to look at the business from every angle possible. It will help you define your business, set goals, assess funds, identify customer base, examine the competition.


How to allocate your start-up funds?

You must first find ways to generate revenue for your business. Make a list of equipment like ovens and refrigerator, dough kneader, dough mixer… Smaller items like pans and utensils.


How to plan real estate for your baking business?

If you are planning for a home-based business then real estate is taken care of. If you are planning to open in a commercial place then you need proper kitchen space and sitting area for the public.  Some bakers open with a commercial kitchen space only and offer take away for customers.


How to price your baking products?

Bakers at a large price their baked goods based on the raw materials & supply cost with the time taken for production. We also recommend you consider the time taken for clean-up and packaging added to the price of the end product. Some bakers also include their offline and online marketing costs incurred to promote their brand.


How to offer discounts on a consistent basis?

If you have evolved from a home-based to a commercial space business you need to re-educate your friends and family about the discounts offered. It will not be like the cost of ingredients now when it’s a commercial space baking business. Whatever the percentage of discount you must keep it consistent with your clients.


What sells best in the baking business?

Be original while you are setting your menu. Try to bring in your original product in the menu with inclusions of what the competition in your area is already offering. It’s best to have several of your original products and sell them with meaningful promotions.


How to market your business?

You might have the best-baked products in the market, what if did not reach your audience. In order to attract and acquire new clients to your bakery, you should market your business. Use social media and other online networking portals to reach out to your target audience.  

Find the best solutions for your baking business, connect with us by taking a free quote. 

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